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Midnight Snack (possibly monthly)

Midnight Snack is a music and art Marketing Event. It’s a low cost but effective means of drawing attention to your venue's, amenities, food, decor and customer service. When paired with a cultural event such as Midnight Snack, the guests experience is enhanced.Description Music: DJs playing downtempo, trip hop, Indie, contemporary remixes and chill house. Not overbearing.Artwork: Artwork by local artists and photographers. Set up includes up to 16 easels or grid walls to show artwork. Overhead or up lighting will be provided if necessary.Fashion: I’ll coordinate a short impromptu fashion show or trunk show, featuring clothing or jewelry.Food: You can showcase your menu or partner with a food truck. Alternatively depending on the kitchen, consider teaming with a local chef for a "menu takeover". Cuisine is an integral part of the night.Target Audience: Local art lovers, fashion industry types, foodies as well as nearby downtown residents and local business staff. Non-nightclub goers. There is an untapped community out there with similar lifestyle and music tastes.Participants: DJs, Artists, Art Galleries, Fashion Designers, Models, Industry Agencies, Musicians, and more.

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DJ Sets

I spin a curated soundtrack for the lounge. A mix of contemporary and classic tracks, with a variety of remixes and mash-ups. Consulting with your team to offer a musical vibe that appeals to a wider audience, without dumbing down to radio hits. I can both plug into the house system, or provide sound per specific location.

Flyers from past Events

I'm looking forward to the possibility of working with you to create something special. Let's keep a dialogue open so we can work to create some exciting events. If you have any questions or need more information, don't hesitate to reach out.

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